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Yard Waste Guidelines

Yard Waste Guidelines University Center
April 1st Thru
December 31st
• Brush shall be cut in four-foot lengths, with limbs no larger than 3” inches in diameter. Brush
shall be tied in bundles no larger than two feet in diameter.
• Yard debris should be placed in separate containers, (Clearly marked “YARD WASTE”) biodegradable
bags, tied in bundles, or clear plastic bags at the curb on Wednesdays before 6:00am.
• Containers shall be secured so as not to blow away. The weight limit for yard debris is 50 pounds
per household and cannot exceed more than 10 bags or bundles.
• When yard waste collection is not in season the yard waste is removed on your trash collection
• Unacceptable items: Rocks, Dirt, Mulch, Concrete, Sod, stumps etc…

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